Create and publish your own tourist app without programming

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A native app, personalised and specialised for tourism

Create your own tourist app

The easiest way to create your own tourist app. Forget of expensive tailor made creations and depending on a provider to update your content. Without technological knowledge.

Provide your client an app for smartphones and tablets that improves the personal experience. It’s not good enough to have a website!

Request a trial Its for free.

Publication and promotion

GuideMeUp publishes your app automatically in the Apple and Google markets, making it available to everyone. You only have to tell us if your app is for free or at a cost.

Would you like several apps interrelated? We group them up in a library: the user downloads one app with your icon which will access all your apps.

We also publish your app in the GuideMeUp channels related to your business.

How it works

img Create your guide app

Create your guide’s content, in your preferred blog platform, define it in GuideMeUp and preview it.

img Publish your app

Make your guide accessible in the markets pressing one button!

img Power your activity

Promote yourself in the mobile channel and obtain new information for your business.

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